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Sports Chiropractic and Nutrition in Stockton

Doctor adjusting patientWhether you’re a weekend warrior, daily CrossFitter, high school soccer player or collegiate athlete, you want to perform at your athletic best. Sports chiropractic can help. If you’ve had injections, been to orthopedists and haven’t gotten results for your sports-related condition, we can help you heal and get on the path to optimal performance.

In addition to providing chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Carloni can use various modalities to promote healing and relieve pain. These include laser therapy, ultrasound, and cupping.

Our customized chiropractic care has many benefits for athletes:

  • Prevents injury
  • Improves range of motion
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Improves performance


Seeing Athletes Across the Spectrum

At Carloni Chiropractic Offices Inc., we see athletes of all ages and levels. These include young athletes on various travel teams, high school baseball and softball players, as well as track and field athletes. We care for many athletes from the following area high schools: Saint Mary’s, Lincoln, Tokay, and Lodi. Dr. Carloni has also done a lot of work with student athletes at the University of Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College.

Providing a Thorough Exam & Evaluation

Our doctors pride themselves on providing detailed evaluations and examinations. These include muscle testing and the following exams: neurological, orthopedic, neuro-physiological, and gait analysis. The results of these will determine what type of care you need.

At your appointment, you will be listened to intently and cared for compassionately. You’ll never be viewed as a number, but instead an important patient with unique goals.

Fuel Your Body With Optimal Nutrition

In 2019, Dr. Carloni opened Alternative Nutrition Centers to provide a spectrum of nutrition services to help patients maximize their health. Nutrition plays an important role in the supportive care an athlete needs while healing from their injury. Dr. Carloni will craft a customized nutrition plan to meet your unique needs.

Using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), we can also determine the underlying cause of illness and non-optimum health. We also provide nutritional supplements to support health and relieve any nutritional deficiencies.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your sports performance or have an autoimmune condition for which you need nutritional support, we want to assist you.

What types of athletic injuries do you see?

Common injuries include shoulder and elbow problems, shin splints, ankle sprains, hip pain (particularly in golfers) and plantar fasciitis. Our chiropractors are highly skilled in addressing a wide array of injuries.
My child just got injured. How soon can you get them back to playing?

It depends on the injury. Please know that our foremost priority is to protect the patient or athlete as much as possible, so they don’t experience any further damage. Secondly, we want to get them back to playing as fast as possible. However, we don’t want them to return to their sport too quickly, as doing so will cause further damage in the future.
Do you offer orthotics?

Yes. Dr. Carloni has done extensive continuing education in orthotics and can provide these shoe inserts for patients.
Can you adjust extremities?

Yes, Dr. Carloni is a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP).
Do I have to be a chiropractic patient to access your nutrition services?


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